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These are common day to day questions that have to do with car maintenance:

Q: What does it mean to have check engine soon or service engine soon light on?

A: Today’s car manufacturers design cars for ease of driving and maintenance, therefore the instruments on the dash board serves as a display unit to interact with users and mechanics. If the indicator light comes up showing service engine soon or check engine it could mean more than servicing the engine as most manufacturers use same indicator to define other malfunctions in the car. It therefore means that you need to see a professional to use a diagnostic tool to check the exact code that brought up the indication light for proper fixing.

Q: How often do I need to change my oil?

A: Most manufacturers manual will define the frequency of oil change but another condition that will define the frequency is the terrain in which we drive the car and the mileage on our cars due to contamination.  Our advice is to adhere strictly to manufacturer’s recommendation. It follows also that the correct grade and type of oil is used. Synthetic oil is what is widely recommended by manufacturers of recent cars.

Q: Should I use synthetic oil in my engine?

A: Synthetic oil is superior to conventional oil, but the average driver may never realize the benefits. Consumer marketing has generated much interest in synthetics, but it is generally understood that synthetic oils are designed primarily for high performance and heavy-duty applications.
The cost of synthetic oils can run two to three times that of conventional oils. The manufacturers of synthetics tout that the increased cost of the synthetics are offset by the reduced frequency of the change interval, given that the synthetics are less prone to breakdown due to heat and friction. 

Q: Can I continue to drive my car with service engine soon or check engine light indicator on?

Once the light indicator comes on, it is advisable for drivers to immediately see an auto-mechanic. This is an indication that something is wrong with the car either electrically or mechanically. The danger is that the indication might be a problem that could “knock” the car engine

Q: Do I have to buy brake fluid every time a change my brake pads?

A: It is a common practice for a road side mechanic to ask car owners to buy brake fluid every time they change their brake pads. This is due to the fact that the mechanics will drain the fluid in order to force the caliper open for the new pads to fit in. This practice is not only unprofessional but shows lack of competence as they tend to top the fluid most times with brake fluids that are not recommended by manufacturers and they continue to bleed the brake fluid line until they eliminate the trapped air in the system. We change brake pads using the caliper expanders to eliminate fluid loss and air in the system. This save the customers time and money and keeps the integrity of the braking system.